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Happy Birthday Kassidy

My wife had her first annual 29th birthday today, on the pristine island of Kaua’i. In her honor, we did a special CrossFit-style workout. Three rounds:

  • 29 burpees
  • 29 sit ups
  • 29 double unders
  • 29 walking lunges

It took damn near exactly 29 minutes.


West Maui Highlights

Nakalele Blowhole

Kassidy tempts fate

Olivine Pools

Mark jumps into action

Haleakala Sunrise

We got up at 2 AM and made the drive up Haleakala in time for sunrise. Beautiful. After breakfast at Kula Lodge it was home for a much needed nap.

sunrise on Haleakala

I ♥ Dolphins

We took a day trip over to Lanai and saw hundreds of spinner dolphins on the way. It was quite a show. They ain’t called spinners for nothing, let me tell you. Reminded me of a certain flash game I used to play way too much.


a dolphin mid-jump

Surf Lesson

David from MWR Lahaina had us both standing up on the first try. Tons of fun.

Mark and Kassidy, ready to surf

Mark surfing

Mark's headstand

Maui No Ka Oi

Kassidy on the beach in Maui.

The Don Juan — El Taco Grande

Juan In a Million has the best breakfast taco in Austin. If you go, spring for the extra tortilla (you’re going to need it).

Mark eats a Don Juan taco