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The Belly Ball

Quick plug for the Belly Ball, the brainchild of my friend (and fellow crossfitter) Beth Walsh. The Belly Ball is a solution for stress relief and improved digestion. I can certainly attest to the former — very relaxing. Often the best ideas are the simple ones. Give it a look.


100 Gallons of Milk

Starting Strength, 2nd Edition

For the last 16 weeks, I’ve consumed one gallon of whole milk each day† almost without fail. My monthly milk budget was more than most people’s car payment (hint: my yuppie ass pays Whole Foods $12.99/gal for the raw stuff). I’ve squatted three times a week, in addition to performing deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses and power cleans. Most people would call this crazy, but Mark Rippetoe calls it Starting Strength. It works amazingly well.

I gained 40 lbs and put 40% on my back squat. As a nice capstone, I pulled a 182 kg deadlift today — breaking 400 lbs for the first time ever. More details over at the CrossFit Eastside blog.

Big props to my coach Michael Street, without whom I surely could not have done this.

† And to think — at the outset of this journey I actually believed I was lactose intolerant. Ha.

Update 1/11/2010: did an interview with a bunch of us milk-and-squats types: Reflections on a GOMAD diet.


Pop quiz: which of these individuals can snatch 83 kg?

Drew, Kassidy and Mark meet Melanie Roach

More about Melanie here.

Fight Gone Bad III

FGB logo

“Fight Gone Bad” is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout (wmv,mov).

On September 27th CrossFit affiliates nationwide will willingly subject themselves to three brutal rounds to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Please consider sponsoring me, and my fellow nutjobs from the CrossFit Eastside team.

I’ll be trying to best my previous score of 307. Wish me luck.

Casey Burgener

Damn! Just read that Coach Burgener’s son, Casey, will not be allowed to compete in Beijing. Let’s hope this decision is reversed ASAP.

Happy Birthday Kassidy

My wife had her first annual 29th birthday today, on the pristine island of Kaua’i. In her honor, we did a special CrossFit-style workout. Three rounds:

  • 29 burpees
  • 29 sit ups
  • 29 double unders
  • 29 walking lunges

It took damn near exactly 29 minutes.

CrossFit Championship 2008

Video of the 2008 CrossFit Championship, currently linked from the main page of Lots of CFES regulars appear in this video, including Kassidy and me.

For the record, I placed dead last in my class. Nowhere to go but up, eh? Thanks to CF Seattle for all the fun. See you next year.