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Google Reader Chokes on Google Groups RSS

I’m a member of a Google Group. I’d like to get group updates as RSS, not in my email, because email sucks. Google Groups helpfully provides XML feeds in both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats.

Google Reader refuses to eat either of these.

An error has occurred because the feed being requested cannot be found.

Am I the only one with this problem? Impossible.

  1. Can we please introduce someone on the Groups team to someone on the Reader team?
  2. When Reader chokes on a feed URL, can I get a big red button that says “REPORT THIS”?

PS: Perhaps this problem has to do with Reader’s lack of support for authenticated RSS feeds. In that case a better error message is needed.


Asking Unanswerable Questions

Just got the follwing gem from Google Calendar Sync:

As a result of the sync operation 29 events will be deleted from your Google Calendar. Proceed with the operation?

The obvious problem here is that I am not provided information sufficient to make a choice. The only way to find out which events will be deleted is to click “Yes” and see what happens. †

I realize this was probably someone’s 20% project, and it’s beta software, blah blah blah. It still sucks.

† Actually, I still have no idea what the hell was deleted. If I’m late to your party, consider this a preemptive apology.

Clown Co. is No Joke

Hulu Logo

Do yourself a favor and check out the recently-launched Hulu service from NBC and FOX. It’s fantastic.

Hulu provides movies and TV shows in high quality with limited commercials. But the best part is, it’s totally legal. More details here.

I just subscribed to an RSS feed for new episodes of The Office. The Simpsons are next.

Google better look out. Clown Co is no joke. Pretty soon I’ll only go to YouTube when I want to see dudes getting hit in the nuts.

Google Notifier Tweaks

I use Google Notifier on my Mac. Here are a couple tweaks that make it much better:

New Gmail is Fast

Just noticed that Gmail was updated. It’s way faster than the old version. Nice!

Oh Yes, I Forgot… IMAP Sucks

I spent about 24 hours with my “fully-featured” client-side mail application and new Gmail+IMAP support before I went back to The web interface is just better.

Rant 1: My Love/Hate Relationship with Exchange

The MS Exchange protocol is so much better than POP/IMAP that it makes me want to cry. I’m no MS fanboy, but I don’t know of an open alternative that comes close.

  • When I send mail does it go to my local sent folder, or the IMAP folder?”
  • Why do I even have these local folders? What good are they?”
  • How do I search all the server-side messages?”

All of these questions arise because desktop mail apps are designed around the old POP model — they assume that you might want to bring mail down, locally. I don’t. I want to leave it in the cloud where it belongs. The Exchange guys apparently figured this out a long time ago.

Rant 2: Net Apps == Web Apps

Years ago I used client-side RSS readers on multiple machines. My list of feeds was always out of sync. I also read many articles twice. First Bloglines and eventually Google Reader solved this for me. The web app is ideal here. I don’t fly much so I don’t care about offline access (although Gears delivers this too).

Email is the same. 99% of the email experience is being on the net. Sure you can do some things offline, but not much. So why waste time on the sync problem? Just assume the network, move the whole application to the server side, and you are done.

Gmail: Still No IMAP For Me

The whole internet is abuzz. Google has finally added IMAP support to Gmail. Not since Google Reader got search have we seen such a v1.0 feature shipped so late.

But, to the point — every hour on the hour I check my Gmail account settings. Still no IMAP for me. Grrr.

Is this because I talk smack about adsense? Uhh, yea I was just kidding, really…

I’m sorry. Can I have IMAP now?

Update 11pm: Got it!