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Real Guitar Hero >> Fake Guitar Hero

So you won the Guitar Hero contest at your local GameStop? Oh, and what’s that? You can flawlessly execute Through the Fire and Flames? On expert difficulty, no less — wow.

Prepare for bubble-burstage.

Your skills are jack squat compared to Herman Li from the actual band — DragonForce. This inhuman freak shreds faster than a Cuisinart.

(Don’t miss the close-up insets at 3:22.)

I have officially begun growing my hair out.


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is next on my list of Wii Virtual Console games to download.

Wii Virtual Console

Drew and I had a blast this weekend playing some classic NES games thanks to the Wii’s Virtual Console. We played the original Zelda and Tecmo Bowl. These games were 500 Wii points each (5 bucks) and took only a few minutes to download.

I was a bit surprised that Drew didn’t laugh at the graphics. Clearly, game play matters more.

Insane Big Brain Academy Video

Here’s a video of “Darkgigs_Xx” scoring 1649g in Big Brain Academy in a single practice test. This is insane. I’m not ashamed to say that this is better than my overall best score (which is the sum of five of these tests).

Apparently his best overall score is a jaw dropping 4071g!
GameSpot Forums, Cyberscore BBA Scoreboard

Update 2:
This BBA walkthru contains some good tips to improve your score.

Tetris DS Cheater

Kassidy was playing Tetris DS today and got matched up with a cheater. Somehow, he never got anything besides blue “line” pieces. If we run into him again, I’ll try and get a picture of it.

Update: Got ’em.

Tetris DS Cheater

Nintendo DS Lite

From the impulse buy department, here’s a picture of my new Nintendo DS Lite:

New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS Lite

The designers of the New Super Mario Bros. found some cool ways to utilize the two screens. For instance, when Mario goes down a pipe, the game switches to the lower screen.


I got myself a copy of Tetris DS and discovered another cool feature: you can play online (via WiFi) without any monthly-fee baloney.

Tech Update:
The DS wouldn’t associate with my DIY Linux access point until I switched from WEP Open (insecure) to WEP Shared (even less secure). With MADWiFi, the required command is iwpriv ath0 authmode 2.

Another World Remastered

My childhood favorite videogame, Another World, has been remastered and reissued for the PC. Since the game is heavily vector-based, it looks great at modern high resolutions. You can pick it up for 7€ here.

AW Remastered Pic