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RSS Moved Permanently?

HTTP defines the 301 Moved Permanently response. Does this work for feeds? I think it should. Often I’ll see a post to the effect of, “we’re moving here, update your RSS readers now.”

I’m lazy. I’d like my RSS reader to do this automatically for me.


The New Dilbert Site

Lots of people are criticizing the new Dilbert site for its gratuitous use of flash and generally over-engineered nature.

I won’t comment on those subjects, but I would like to point out that there is now an official RSS feed (in color, no less). That’s an improvement in my book.

Google Reader Gains Search Feature

From the “it’s-about-frickin-time” department, Google Reader finally has a search box. Better late than never.

RSS Feeds for YouTube

How to subscribe to YouTube channels via RSS.

RSS Primary Source Detection

Here’s the problem: I read about 100 blogs and generally end up reading the same story more than once. It’s like some kind of bizarre internet echo. Many bloggers merely link to another’s article, sometimes without so much as adding their $0.02. Sometimes I wonder, “Did I already read this? Is this just deja vu? Am I going insane?”

I want an aggregator which digs down a few levels of indirection and attempts to identify the primary source for some story. This would be the root of a whole tree of links. Then, merely show me this “uberpost” and give me an easy way to de-prioritize the others.

If I have this problem with 100 blogs, just imagine what Scoble has to deal with — he reads over 600: Lifehacker, Hackszine, Four-Hour Workweek (this is the primary source…case in point)

Who will build this first?

Update: Upon reflection, I think the real problem is the sense of deja-vu. I might be satisfied with a feed reader which simply restores my confidence in my own sanity. So maybe just give me a view that shows the related posts together. Or perhaps, just give me a UI indication “Links to primary source (Read Tuesday at 9:22 AM)”

FBI Questions Security Researcher Over Boarding Pass Generator

Christopher Soghoian is being questioned by the FBI right now. I don’t suppose they are there to thank him for his research. Read his blog for details.

The New Google Reader is P-I-M-P

Google has overhauled their AJAX-powered web RSS reader. It’s, like, wicked awesome dood. If you hated the old one, give it another shot.

They even addressed my previous request for a mark all read feature (hint: it’s shift-a).

Gone are the days of agonizing over a sentence who’s only raison d’etre is to contain a single link. See that shared section in the side bar? From now on, I’ll save the blog articles for those rare instances in which I have something to add.