“Free” Starbucks WiFi

Lots of net-nerds have misunderstood the Apple / Starbucks announcement (I’m looking at you, Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose).

Apple has announced free WiFi in Starbucks, from your iPhone, when accessing the iTunes Store. That’s it. Not the whole internet — just the store. The announcement that some people heard — unconditionally free WiFi at Starbucks for iPhone owners — is at least a hundred times cooler than what’s actually going to happen.

Here it is, straight from www.apple.com/itunes/starbucks:

As long as you have an iPod touch, an iPhone, or a computer with the latest version of iTunes, you get free Wi-Fi access to the iTunes Store and to Starbucks Now Playing content.

It’s pretty hard to blame people for the misunderstanding. Coffee shops which charge for WiFi access are totally cheezy. The internet is like air, you morons. You don’t charge for air.

PS: If you happen to be at my local Starbucks, just cross the street. There’s free WiFi (and better coffee) next door at Tully’s.


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