iPhone Not a Good Investment

Here’s what my buddy Rob had to say about today’s price cut:

$100 Price Drop Expected on iPod Touch!

Reliable sources say the iPod touch will be dropping by $100 in about 6-8 weeks. That’s a whopping 30% on a brand new product! It is highly recommended that you all wait to purchase your sexy new iPod touch until then. When asking my sources how they received this information and explaining to them how absurd their prediction is, they replied “Didn’t you see the price cut on the iPhone today with no refund for people who purchased the phone more than 14 days ago?” Oh right. Can’t argue with that.

In closing, I don’t actually have any sources and my interactions with them are purely fictitious, but I wouldn’t doubt that kind of price cut in a few weeks given today’s iPhone price cuts – would you? Better keep your money and only buy OLD Apple products since Apple stuff looks like it is going to depreciate worse than a car in the future.

See? I learned my lesson. Bad early adopter! Bad early adopter!


Apple has seen the error of their ways. They are offering a $100 rebate to all existing iPhone owners (in the form of store credit). Nice work, Apple. Nice work.


2 Responses to “iPhone Not a Good Investment”

  1. 1 Alkivar September 12, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    For people who bought their iPhone on an American Express card (which has an automatic price protection program) they get the 200$ drop in price back PLUS the 100$ refund from apple! One of my friends has already recieved his Amex refund and is waiting to get his Apple refund as I write this.

  2. 2 Azeem Jiva October 29, 2007 at 7:55 am

    I never understood why people complain about price drops on computer products (Apple products especially). You bought the thing at the advertised price, its what you and Apple agreed to! Ahh well, I guess people need something to complain about.

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