Just Move the Damn Bits

Wireless carriers are such dinosaurs.

Here’s how it should work. I pay you money every month. I give you bits. You move the damn bits. That’s it. Just move the damn bits. Don’t ask questions, and don’t send my bits to the NSA either.

We should have nationwide wireless data, at megabit speeds, for a flat monthly rate. There should be 100 wireless providers, and when asked at a bar on a Saturday night, most people shouldn’t even remember who theirs is*.

Instead, we’ve got 4 carriers with such delusions of grandeur, that they actually exert control over the handset manufacturers. My RAZR still has a Cingular logo printed on it. Can you imagine Jonathan Ive allowing this?

Instead, they force us into “walled gardens” where we can only buy ring tones and games from them. In some cases, they will actually disable hardware features to make this possible.

Instead we have this bullshit tethering idea. What bugs me the most about tethering is that, in a network of sane design, it should not be possible for the carrier to differentiate between “normal data use” and “tethering”.

If you sell me a flat-rate plan and I figure out a way to share the service with my whole dorm, tough cookies. You should have got your damn pricing model right in the first place.

Capitalism has done a complete face-plant on this one. Whatever happened to the collective good?

* Unless they really love their provider, because of the great customer service. Ha! Imagine that!


2 Responses to “Just Move the Damn Bits”

  1. 1 Alkivar August 21, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    If you dont like it… hack the phone…

    there are plenty of sites out there with steps on how to remove various carrier restrictions and re-enable the blocked features.

    HoFo is the primary place to begin:

    You said you have a razr… so:

    I too have a razr and found lots of good info on re-enabling the crap Verizon removed here:

    its completely within our rights to re-enable and do whatever the hell we want with a product we’ve bought (as long as we dont try to get technical support for our own changes).

    Sure this may void our warranties… but as long as we flash back to a stock firmware or reset to defaults before we return our phone for warranty repair we’re fine.

    Theres two sides to this coin… we bitch when we cant get a person on the phone or have to wait in line for an hour to get help in a store… by locking out features they reduce those lines because theres less for the idiots to break.

  2. 2 Mark August 22, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Funny you should suggest this. I just flashed the firmware on my RAZR about a month ago.

    Strange, but right around the time the iPhone launched, I was suddenly no longer scared that I might brick my RAZR. 🙂

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