Continuum Impressions

I’ve listened to Continuum exactly once. Here are my initial, knee-jerk reactions:

  • I like Waiting on The World… It was a good choice for a single.
  • I already own the JM3 record. Why are you selling me Gravity and Vultures again?
  • Thank freaking god I finally have an album version of I Don’t Trust Myself. I’ve been playing that hook for at least two years now. It’s sonic crack cocaine.
  • Bold As Love is great, but John set the dial to 10. We know it goes to 11, dude, we have the Tsunami Aid version.
  • Where is In Your Atmosphere? Where is The Hurt? Where is Lifelines? Is there a hidden track or something? I was really expecting at least one of these.

Give me about 5 more plays and I’m sure I’ll be raving about the new tracks.


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