Zero Configuration Networking with Bonjour

After messing with mt-daapd, I began wondering what all this “mDNS” stuff was about. Turn’s out it’s part of Bonjour, Apple’s zero-conf networking tech. Here’s a cool video that taught me all sorts of stuff: Stuart Cheshire speaks to Google about Bonjour.

One component of zero-conf is Automatic Private IP Addressing, which is so simple you’ll wonder why it wasn’t part of TCP/IP from the start. APIPA is responsible for the typically dreaded 169.254 addresses, which I no longer hate because I finally understand them.

(If you’re too lazy to watch the video, the short story is, “It’s a feature, stupid!” If there’s no DHCP server you do random ARP requests until you find an IP for which there is no response — then you claim it.)


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