MPAA Accidentally Picks on Someone Own Size

The MPAA and RIAA have become infamous for their cowardly tactics — threatening children and grandmothers with statuatory maximum damages, but ultimately offering to settle for 2500 bucks. However, in a stunning display of incompetance Tuesday, the MPAA mistakenly sued someone who actually has the resources to go to trial.

I can’t wait to see them lose. I’m astonished that nobody has faught these allegations to date. In the age of dynamic IPs and wide-open wireless access points, I’m pretty sure a public defender could create reasonable doubt.

You can’t make this crap up… Turns out that Universal City Studios Productions LLLP, the entity suing Shawn Hogan, may not actually own the rights to the movie they accuse him of downloading. Hogan has filed a motion to dismiss. I hope his next act is some kind of counter-suit.

Linkage: Techdirt, RIAAvPeople

Update 2:
This is only incidentally related, but here’s a story about another lawsuit victim who successfully employed the “open wifi defense” I mentioned above.


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