Console: A Better CMD.EXE

I just rediscovered the Console project on SourceForge.NET. Console is a replacement for the stock CMD.EXE shell that comes with Windows. Turns out a lot of progress has been made since last I looked. It’s amazing. It fixes nearly every annoyance I’ve ever had with CMD.EXE:

  • User configurable copy and paste hot keys.
  • Optional X-style copy-on-select
  • Selecting line-wrapped lines works almost exactly how I’d expect
  • Tabs (tab names can be derived from the title command)
  • Desktop docking / snap to edges
  • Transparency / custom background images

Some things I’d like to see added:

  • Configurable hot keys for scrolling, like Shift-PGUP and Shift-PGDN
  • Command-line options for drop-in replacement of CMD.EXE (/k would be nice, for example)
  • A way, from the command line, to launch a process in a new tab of the current window
  • Optional rectangular select, perhaps with a hotkey

If you use the command line on Windows, you want this. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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