Mark++ Age++

Mark++ was created a year-and-a-month ago, on April 1st 2005. In observance of this special occasion, I present some stats:

  • I’ve made a total of 141 postings (an average of 2.5 per week)
  • There have been 125 comments (although many were my own)
  • I’ve had a total of 4708 unique visitors, with something on the order of 400 unique visitors per day
  • The top search string leading people here is cnn video linux. Are you listening CNN?
  • The second and third most popular search strings are tabs illegal and hdcp free
  • Most people view Mark++ with Internet Explorer, with Firefox in 2nd place
  • Most viewers are running (or at least, claiming to run) some flavor of Windows. 2nd place goes to Mac OS X, with Linux a distant third
  • Most of my readers are from the US or Canada, but I’ve received hits from Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, Sweden, France, China, Greece, Israel, India, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Belgium, Nicaragua, Poland, Romania, Colombia, Lithuania, Brazil, Ukraine, Argentina, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, and New Zealand

So, Happy Birthday Mark++. A bit belated, but better late than never, eh?

(Most of the stats above were generated with the excellent Short Stat plug in for WordPress)


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