Blogging from the Navegaweb internet cafe in Granada…

This morning we ate Chocolat con Churros (again…we had them in Madrid too). Basically they give you these long pieces of fried dough and a big honkin’ cup of melted chocolate to dip them in. It goes without saying that this is delicious, but I´ll say it anyway.

Yesterday we saw (yet another) cathedral, which was beautiful and also completely boring. I’ve seen too many. Next however, we visited the Alhambra, which is an amazing fortress left over from the days of Moorish rule. Think Prince of Persia and Aladdin and stuff. It was different and very cool. We also went up into the Albaza­n district, to the Mirador de San Nicolas (a scenic viewpoint). From here we had a great view of the Alhambra, with the Sierra Nevada mountains behind.

Our hotel here was great. It was cheap, 65€ (with a 20% discount for having the Rick Steves book). It was also clean, centrally located on Plaza Bib Ramblas, and had an out-of-this-world view from the 4th floor terrace.

There are these totally obnoxious Gypsy women all over town who try to force sprigs of rosmary on you, claiming “regalo, regalo”, which means gift. We have a feeling their next move is to make you pay for it, but we’re not going to find out. I’ve been tempted to scream English obscenities at them.

Kassidy begs me to mention Coca-Cola Light. They don’t have Diet Coke out here, they have “Light” instead. She claims it tastes more like real Coke, and I think she’s right.

Next blog entry will be from Seville. Hasta Luego.


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