In Style in España

  • Smoking: Apparently nobody told the Spanish that this is unhealthy.
  • Mullets: Seriously. I have seen a ton of these.
  • Puma Sneakers: Everyone is wearing futbol sneakers here. Kassidy attempted to try a pair on in a crowded shoe store. She accidentally kicked some poor woman in the head. We felt bad, but it was actually pretty funny.


  • Perritos: I’ve seen, maybe 5 big dogs so far and about 500 sub-20-pounders. Emily and Sam would love it here.
  • Bidets: Every hotel so far has had one of these in the bathroom. Spaniards must have very clean netherparts.

2nd Update:

  • Chewing Gum That Tastes Like Medicine: I wonder if their medicine tastes like chewing gum.

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