Hola from Madrid

As the plane touched down this morning, it was 10AM local time. Our internal clocks, however, still read 1AM. Nothing a quick nap and some caffine can’t solve.

We took the subway from the airport — it was quick and clean. We’re staying in Hostal Acapulco, which is very nice (their free internet access is great).

Most of the day today was spent exploring the city. We ate some Jamon sandwiches, and later on, tapas. We also attended a show at Teatro Zarzuela. The nose-bleed seats were cheap. It was entirely in Spanish, so we didn’t miss much by being so far away.

Incidentally, my web server and DSL connection rock from here. In other nerd-related news, this keyboard is totally crazy: ÑéºÇ€ªá.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, it’s time for bed. Adios.


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