RAZR One-Week Review

Part One: Damn, this thing looks good.

Damn. This thing looks good. I must admit that I bought the phone based solely on its appearance. Enough said.

Part Two: Bitching.

The amount of Cingular branding on the phone is disgusting. Their stupid logo is everywhere. Every time I see it, I am filled with rage. I’m not an expert in marketing, but this seems like a bad thing.

In the main menu, which is organized as a three-by-three grid of icons, the central icon is for the “Cingular Mall”. This is the default choice. I’m not sure I can explain why, but I find this insulting.

There is actually a menu on this phone entitled “My Stuff.” The icon is a musical note and a green arrow superimposed over a section of movie film. Why would anyone do something so stupid? Probably because the menu contains 6 almost completely unrelated items.

Over-generalization seems to have been a primary design goal:

  • Bluetooth-related settings are under Main -> Settings -> Connection
  • Ringtone options are in Main -> Settings -> Audio

Near as I can tell, there is nothing in either of these menus that would prohibit the titles Bluetooth and Ringtones. Sigh.

Luckily, the RAZR is pretty hackable. With the right software and a mini-USB cable, I may be able to fix a lot of these issues. I wish I didn’t have to.

Update: The software on T-Mobile’s RAZR phones seems better. It doesn’t appear to enable the video camera function, however.


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  1. 1 Your Brother March 1, 2006 at 2:36 pm

    Motorola sucks period.

    There are a few things that I like about this phone, but a shit load of things that piss the hell outta me.

    Good: Speakerphone is actually useful at times. Linking calls is real easy if you wanna go triple. I can charge my phone from my USB port. Yea it looks damn cool – software engineers didn’t come up with the look.

    Who tested the features out: This happens all too often. You call someone, they can’t get to their phone in time, and immediatley call you back. This takes some time, and meanwhile you are already in their voicemail about to leave, or already leaving a message. Every other phone I’ve had lets you hang up the current call to take the incoming one. What are my options with the RAZR? Switch? and Ignore? So as I always do, I pick up the incoming, since they are calling back, and end up using 2x minutes and leaving them as long a message as their voicemail box allows. It is SO SWEET!

    Another thing that just boggles my mind. All the different modes you can be in. They are nice right. Vibrate. Vibrate & Ring. Loud. Soft yadda. Well when you press your side-bar on the phone, either accidentally or on purpose, it makes that short little jingle – badadadadadadloop. It is at the volume setting that you have set for that mode. Well there is no volume setting for vibrate, and the obvious thing that anyone who engineered such a thing would do when you press the side-bar in vibrate mode would be to either have the phone not ring at all, or vibrate. Well it jingles at THE LOUDEST AUDIO LEVEL. AWESOME!. You’re in a meeting, you feel your phone vibrating in your pocket. You go to side-bar it so it stops vibrating (cuz even vibrating phones can grab attention), instead you hit the wrong side-bar, and dododododododoloooop!


    No idea why the external display doesn’t mirror the internal. If I want to see the date – gotta open the phone (heck you can’t even see the friggin time when you are on a god damn call on either display). If I think my phone is not on vibrate because the icon isn’t on the outside display, I’m wrong – open it up and it’s there on the inside.

    The software on this phone drives me insane more than lotus notes does.
    If you figure out how to fix any of this stuff, or get a newer firmware rev that does it, let me know.

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