Upcoming Downtime

The server that hosts Mark++ will be down while some changes are made to the DSL line which connects it to the world. The story behind this would be funny, if it weren’t happening to me:

I signed up with ISOMedia for DSL service nearly two years ago. I had to sign up for residential phone service through Verizon, although I had no intentions of using it (I’ve been cell phone only for years). The actual DSL line, however, was apparently provided by MCI. By and large, the service has been great and I’ve got no complaints.

Quick recap:

  • ISP – provided by ISOMedia
  • Residential phone service – provided by Verizon
  • DSL line – provided by MCI

About two weeks ago, I get a call from ISOMedia explaining that they need to “get me off” my MCI line. I can switch to a dedicated DSL line from Covad (very expensive) or to Verizon (less expensive, but more than I’m currently paying). Unless I’m prepared to perform some serious gymnastics, there will be downtime involved.

So far, this is not funny. The funny part is the reason for the switch: Verizon bought MCI.

Yea, you heard me. I need to switch my line from MCI to Verizon because Verizon bought MCI.

Tammy, the representative from ISOMedia, was apologetic, but this still makes no goddamn sense to me.

Update: There will be NO downtime! Tammy from ISOMedia has really gone the extra mile here, and has helped to set me up with a 2nd phone line over which I can establish completely new DSL service. This will overlap with my current service for a short time, but will enable me to avoid significant downtime. I should plug ISOMedia here: these people have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep me happy. For example, Tammy actually conference-called Verizon with me to schedule the installation of the additional line.


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  1. 1 Kevin Frei February 14, 2006 at 4:06 pm

    The DSL story nationwide has been incredibly bad. Back when I was in range of a CO, I went through about 7 different DSL providers with 3 different ISP’s. And each switch involved downtime, because they swore up & down they couldn’t do what the ISOmedia folks are doing for you. While I really don’t like Cable (NoIP.com is a god-send), the single provider story is much easier for commoners to grok.

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