Farewell C/C++ Users Journal

The following was attached to the front cover of my February issue of C/C++ Users Journal (emphasis mine):

For nearly 30 years, the C/C++ Users Journal has provided resources and information to serve the constantly evolving community of C and C++ developers. More recently, however, we at CMP Media LLC have come to the difficult realization that the best way to serve this community in the future is to focus on new web sites, magazines, and events. What this means is that you are holding in your hands the last issue of the C/C++ Users Journal. As a result, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, which has published C and C++ articles ranging from the days of Small-C to C++, will expand its coverage of these important programming languages even more.

The letter goes on to say that my subscription is being transferred to Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and offers a refund if this is not amenable to me.

Is C++ dying? It’s hard not to wonder.

Java and C# lure in C/C++ developers with their curly-braced good looks, and then woo them with garbage collection and regular expressions, as well as network, thread, and GUI libraries. C++ is primitive by comparison.

We need these features and we need them all yesterday.


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