Contents of Hickory Farms Gift Package

I got two Hickory Farms gift packages this Christmas. Here’s the contents of one of them:

  • Beef Stick – 7 oz
  • Two Packages Crackers – 1 total oz
  • Candies – 7 pieces
  • Mustard – 2.25 oz
  • Canned Ham – 8 oz
  • Assorted Processed Cheese Spreads – 11.75 total oz

I ran out of crackers before I finished the first container of cheese. Does anyone else think that an 11-to-1 ratio of cheese to crackers is a little off?

The packaging is deceptive. There is this little plastic tray with holes of varying shape and depth. Each item fits into one hole, which makes it difficult to tell the actual size (depth) of any particular item. The cracker boxes are incredibly shallow.

I think Hickory Farms is betting that gift receivers won’t complain for fear of seeming ungrateful.



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