So I’ve begun to learn Lisp, and I’ve been quite pleased by the abundance of free (as in beer) resources.

The full-texts to the books Practical Common Lisp and On-Lisp (by Peter Seibel and Paul Graham, respectively) are available on the web.

You can also take MIT’s 6.001 course online. This is an introductory CS class which is based on the legendary text Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. The SICP site contains the full-text of the book, sample programming assignments, and a complete set of videotaped lectures for the course (text, lectures).

The internet is freaking amazing. 10 years ago, my less-than-stellar grades precluded any possiblity of ever viewing an MIT lecture.

(SICP lectures found via LtU)

Update: There’s a much more complete list of freely available Lisp resources here.

(Thanks again, LtU)


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