Schneier for President

Bruce Schneier has this incredible ability to tell it like it is. He says what I would say — if only my brain could fire the right sequence of neurons.

Take, for example, his latest blog entry:

In response to the London bombings, officials turned off cell phones in tunnels around New York City, in an attempt to thwart bombers who might use cell phones as remote triggering devices.
This is as idiotic as it gets. It’s a perfect example of what I call “movie plot security”: imagining a particular scenario rather than focusing on the broad threats. It’s completely useless if a terrorist uses something other than a cell phone: a kitchen timer, for example. Even worse, it harms security in the general case. Have people forgotten how cell phones saved lives on 9/11? Communications benefits the defenders far more than it benefits the attackers.

Amen. I wish our elected officials were this pragmatic and level-headed. I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth.

The Patriot Act II will probably grant the FBI power to include tracking devices in all kitchen timers.


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  1. 1 andy July 21, 2005 at 12:46 pm

    That was the correct decision.
    I further back this claim by stating that if Kitchen Timers were used as well, then they should come under ban.

    In order to keep consistent, anyone who purchases a kitchen timer can be audited under the USA patriot act. Because clearly, using a kitchen timer, even to make American Apple Pie, is an issue of national security.

    Some would go so far as to suggest that anyone caught purchasing a kitchen timer can be held without bail and without trial. This is where I draw the line, being a reasonable moderate and all. You see, the constitution protects our rights to challenge our accusers.

    All you crazies who think we are sacraficing freedom for protection are just that – crazy. Grow up and be patriots already.

    “Give me security, or give me death.”

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