Realism Sucks

Note to game developers: realism sucks. Here are my top-seven coolest features of the original Quake (the best multiplayer FPS ever made):

  1. Unrealistic Damage: Fully-juiced opponents can survive 4 rockets to the head.
  2. Rocket-Jumping: Jump higher by shooting the floor beneath you (possible because self-damage is dealt at 50%)
  3. Zero Footstep Noise: Sneaky by default.
  4. Instant Weapon Switching: Allows for bad-ass combos.
  5. Wall Running / Zig-zag Running: Exploit a bug in the game to run faster.
  6. Air Control: Change heading mid-jump.
  7. Strafe-Jumping: Jump further by using the same bug mentioned above.

Please note that not a one of these is realistic. Many were unintended as well.


1 Response to “Realism Sucks”

  1. 1 Ben K May 27, 2005 at 10:42 am

    Hell, yeah. I miss good ol’ quake. Give me a game first, story second, and graphics third (not that I don’t appreciated good graphics). Don’t forget the Red Armor / Rocket jump / grenade combo. Oh the places you could go.

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